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about Stephanie

I have always had an interest in learning new things and have enjoyed so many hobbies throughout the years.  I have dabbled in gardening, cooking, baking, water color painting and most recently Pottery.

On a whim I ordered a Pottery wheel on Amazon, bought some air dry clay and tried to throw a few pieces.  The air dry clay wasn't great but I didn't have a kiln to properly fire my work so it was a start.  

Even with these basic tools and clay, I fell in love with the art of pottery. 


Soon I had a small kiln that allowed me to work with stoneware clay and create tiny pieces. I  started experimenting and learning how to glaze & fire my own pottery.

Fast foward to a year later and I have a home studio, a large kiln and a passion ignited to create new and better pieces everyday.  


I love texture, organic forms and the functionality of beautiful pottery.  I create Pottery that I personally would love in my own home.  

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